C.A.P.D.M.I. Tip to Take Advantage of Down-Time: Improve Your Work Performance

Updated: Jun 19

Learn better Work Performance skills and techniques.

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Down-time is the best time to learn new information that will help take your employment farther. It doesn't matter if you have been working for awhile, or you are trying to enter the work-force for the first time, it is never too late to capitalize on your ability to gain knowledge!

C.A.P.D.M.I. is here to help with our Work Performance program. You can schedule 1:1 sessions with our skilled professional, or you can register for self-guided online classes. It's up to you; we offer convenient options for your lifestyle! We look forward to assisting you!

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C.A.P.D.M.I. Tip to Take Advantage of Down-Time:

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